UV Resin Workshop

The joys of UV resin

What is UV resin?

The UV hardening resins are materials that are polymerized and hardened in little time using ultraviolet radiation energy. Those are particularly used as industrial materials for sealing, gluing and coating.

A range of products have been created due to the popularity of resin in the world of jewelry and accessories.

 What are the necessary materials needed to make UV resins?

Beside resin itself, you do not really need equipment, like with regular resin you only need time to dry it using sunlight. For certain resins only an hour is needed to harden it.

However, if you do not have much time, it is preferable to use a UV nail dryer. Your resin will be hardened between 60 to 120 seconds.

There exist an array of accessories to decorate and colorise.

Take our class!

Craft your own jewelry or decorations with the necessary tools and much more in the hour long class given by KWY Atelier.

Perfect for teen birthdays, friendly evenings or you own enterprise, send me a message to get a submission.


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